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Apr 11, 2023

In 2013, Cari Kenzie was the owner of a multi-million dollar marketing agency, devoted mother, marathon runner and community leader. That was until she crossed the finish line in Boston only to hear the bombs detonate behind her. Although she wasn’t physically injured from the blast, she later realized she had been hit by the deep hurt and pain that “survivors” often experience. Only after navigating her own journey to healing (and overcoming multiple chronic illnesses) did Cari reclaim her voice and her power as well as experience the fullness of a life she never expected. And that’s what she wants for you!

As a leading expert in transformational healing, Cari is a speaker, best selling author and coach. She is dedicated to bringing the message of healing and compassion to people everywhere.

Empower Your Voice is a podcast and YouTube show that helps people get to the bottom of what is stopping them from using their voice to the fullest, whether on the stage, the boardroom, or in their personal lives. I’m Nancy Bos, a vocologist, speaker, and author. I help people live their best life. 

I LOVE to speak to groups about the power of personal narratives. Visit my Speakers Page to learn more about me talking to your company or group. I’m proud to say others have described me as “very inspiring and entertaining.”

Thank you!!