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Mar 5, 2018

Grammy award winning vocalist from Macklemore’s Thriftshop, Michael "The Wanz” Wansley, tells the great stories of his path to becoming the hook singer for Thriftshop.
You can find Wanz on Facebook and social media @teewanz or his website:
The songs you heard in this episode are When If Not Now and Get Lucky.
When If Not Now
What's this world comin' to?
Can't get my mind around it.
All the things we go through,
Ev'ryday another crisis.
Wonder where I fit in
Where's my place among the people
When will we begin
To save us from evil
     Do we wake up just to stand alone
     One is such a lonely number
     We should give up being on our own
     And start fighting together  
We won't always agree
On the best way to advance us
But as long as we breathe
We won't run out of chances
Divided we lose
Will we let our spirit burn out
If not us then who
Why not here, why not now
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