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Jan 29, 2018

Amy Marie Stewart started as an opera singer with an undergraduate degree from CU Boulder and a Masters from Roosevelt Univ. Chicago College of the Performing Arts.  But after becoming very discouraged about her opera career she turned to music theater and teaching voice.  
She found a powerful need; Broadway actors and dancers were called to understand music theory in call-backs and rehearsal. Amy has developed a thoughtful, entertaining online course in music theory that takes auditioning actors from ground zero to understanding the core skills inside and out.
She also has great audition tips for musical theater singers right in this episode - secrets that she shares with the listener, such as how to balance acting with singing in the audition, and how to avoid common mistakes in preparation for the practical side of auditioning. 
Amy Marie is giving a special gift to you, the audience of Every Sing. Amy is giving us 25% off of TheoryWorks!. Code will be: NANCYBOS, that’s my name, all caps, all one word. 
Theory Works can be found at
On Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, @theoryworksnyc
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Opening song:  "The Lingerer” by Alex Weston
Closing song:  “I Know" from North Pond composed by Ben Morris 
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